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Top 5 Yoga Benefits for Men

Top 5 Yoga Benefits for Men

It seems like a long time ago that yoga was stereotyped as a go to class just for females. Over the last 10 years yoga classes have made huge transitions both in terms of the types and styles of yoga provided, as well as the crowds of people that they appeal to.

Perhaps 10 years ago a male only yoga class would have seemed out of place but today it is widely accepted and better yet, hugely beneficial to a male population that is arguably more 'rigid' in day to day life than their female counterparts.

Here are 5 reasons why male yoga should be on your radar:

1. Increased flexibility & posture

Seems like an obvious one right? But in a world where 'pumping iron' has been the dominant idea of a male workout since the golden bodybuilding era of the 1960's, the male frame has become more stiff and rigid than ever before. Then add to the fact that many of us face prolonged desk jobs that hunch our spines and roll our shoulders forwards and you start to see the pattern forming.

The goods news is that everything can be reversed with as little as one yoga session a week. You'll notice improved flexibility from the offset and will feel 5 inches taller after your very first class. Talk about instant rewards!

2. Build lean muscle mass

Hold on, yoga builds muscle? 100% it does! Just try holding one of the basic yoga poses for one minute and tell me that your legs and arms don't start to shake. And even if the basic poses don't even break a sweat, there are literally thousands of different types of variations and movements that instantly add to the challenge.

As long as the muscle is engaged then it is being worked, and the consistent engagement of muscles through a yoga class can actually have more benefit than the stop start workouts you might perform in a standard gym.

3. Improve your breathing

Breathing? A minute ago we were talking about muscle! But without enough oxygen going into your body you're only asking to become fatigued quicker and risk injury. By improving your breathing you'll tone your midsection and engage muscles that you never knew you had. This skill will help you improve your yoga no end, and can even be transferable across to any other discipline your practice from weight lifting to running and boxing to swimming.

Plus, learning to control your breathing can make you feel instantly more calm and relaxed. Speaking of...

4. De-stress and impress

Curb anxiety and reduce stress levels, turning negative energy into a positive wave that everyone will notice. With improved posture and breathing you'll feel like you're ready to conquer the world! And even when things do get challenging you'll be able to remember your teachings and shift the balance in your favour.

5. Improves sex life

Yes you read that correctly. Yoga can help improve your sex life no end as the above four points all come together to help rid the body of toxins that affect sexual performance. A 2011 study published in the Journal of Sexual Medicine found that men who practiced yoga for 12 weeks reported improved sexual function overall - including on measures of desire and satisfaction.

STUD YOGA is a yoga class specifically designed for men taking place at TribeFit every Monday at 8:30pm and is free to all our members. All levels welcome. Give it a try and see what benefits you will instantly feel.

For more information on our Stud Yoga class please call 800 TRIBE (87423).

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