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FREE Handstand Workshop

FREE Handstand Workshop

Learn from the pros and find out exactly what it takes to hold a handstand longer than just a few seconds. This special workshop is suitable for complete beginners and is open to both members and non members.

This incredible 2 hour workshop will take place on Saturday 26th January from 4:00pm.

In it you'll learn the basics on what it takes to perform a handstand. What muscles to focus on and where your eyes should be looking. You'll get plenty of opportunities to practice your handstands, first against the wall and then free standing. All the while getting a host of invaluable tips and tricks from our workshop Coach.

This is something very special, and something that no YouTube video can teach you. Because of this spaces are extremely limited so if you want to be sure of your space please RSVP as soon as possible.

Our Handstand Workshop is suitable for complete beginners and intermediates alike.

For more information on our free Handstand Workshop or to RSVP your space please click here.

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