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STRONG by Zumba launching in February

STRONG by Zumba launching in February

Punch, kick, jump, squat, chop, uppercut... doesn't should like your standard Zumba class, does it?

That's because STRONG by Zumba is something entirely different. Whereas a standard Zumba class that we all know and love focuses on dance and rhythm, STRONG by Zumba turns things on its head and instead focusses on HIIT and grit.

It's a blend of circuits, combat and plyometrics, all coming together to form a workout that will have you sweating straight from the warm-up.

TribeFit were the first gym in Dubai to bring STRONG by Zumba to the masses this January, and due to its overwhelming success, we're pleased to announce that STRONG by Zumba will be added to our group exercise timetable from February.

You'll be able to catch STRONG by Zumba every Sunday at 5:15pm.

Want to give it a try? Call 800 TRIBE (87423) for a Free Trial or click here.

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