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Top 5 Classes To Get Fighting Fit at TribeFit

Top 5 Classes To Get Fighting Fit at TribeFit

Round 1... fight!

The gym is no longer just a place for weight training and treadmill bashing. Now more and more people are starting to incorporate combat style fitness classes into their weekly training regime as a way to trim off the pounds, tone muscle and help improve overall fitness and conditioning.

Combat classes are also a great way to make friends, form honourable bonds and have some friendly competitive banter in a way that no other type of fitness class can offer.

The fact is you don't ever need to step foot inside a ring or a cage to reap the benefits of a combat style fitness class. What's more, our range of combat-inspired fitness classes are suitable for anyone and everyone from complete beginners who have never thrown a punch to the more expert looking to improve technique.

Here's a list of our Top 5 classes to help you get fighting fit at TribeFit:

5. TOA (The Outdoor Athlete)

What's the point of having the hardest hitting punches when you struggle to move well and blow a gasket after a minute? TOA is TribeFit's answer to HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training), adopting the foundations of primal movement patterns. Anybody that has ever watched a UFC fight will understand how important movement is in a fight, as is athletic conditioning so that you can last through the rounds. With TOA you'll get your fitness levels up and understand what your body is capable of before moving on to more striking based classes.


A TribeFit exclusive, FBF introduces bag and pad work into the mix and blends it with more HIIT style exercises. Can you maintain your punching technique and power after being assaulted with burpees, star jumps and press-ups? FBF will make sure you can and will help keep your metabolic rate firing for hours afterwards, meaning that you'll be burning calories long after you leave the gym.


It's now time to sharpen up those hands and begin to really understand the technical side of things. Our boxing classes incorporate plenty of bag and pad work, as well as some very light sparring and blocking drills for those interested. They say that the best way to learn how to box is to box and that's exactly what this class is all about. And with your improved athletic conditioning you would have gained from TOA and FBF, you'll be surprised at how many rounds you'll be able to last.


Now that you're boxing like a pro it's time to up and ante and add in some kicks. Kickboxing places a whole new element on to movement and balance but by now you would already have a really solid foundation that you can expand. Your hands will continue to improve and your mastery of the kicks will see you able to transition between the two effortlessly. As a bonus you'll get abs of steel from all the extra movement and striking that you'll be doing.


Known as "the art of eight limbs", our Muay Thai classes will see you add on elbow, knee and shin strikes. A true warriors form of combat, Muay Thai will turn you into the complete combat athlete. You'll be quick, powerful, confident and will understand how your body can move and flow in ways that you never would have believed.


TribeFit has a host of classes that will compliment anyone looking to get fighting fit. These include:

Tribal Bootcamp

Les Mills BodyCombat 

Les Mills GRIT 



Why not give one of these classes a try this week and bring your non-member friends along for a Free Trial?! To view our complete timetable click here.

For more information on any of the above fitness classes please speak to a member of the TribeFit team who will be happy to help.

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