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Who needs a Kettlebell when you've got a 'Waterbell'?

Who needs a Kettlebell when you've got a 'Waterbell'?

By now, many of us have accepted the reality that with the gyms closed we now need to exercise at home, swapping the busy floors of our local fitness centre to the ‘not so busy’ floor of our lounge or bedroom.

It’s an inconvenience to say the least, but one that we have all learned in some way to adapt to.

Press-ups and bodyweight squats are our new best friends. As are tricep dips off the side of the sofa and the occasional set of crunches. And if you’ve really been imaginative, you may have even jogged up and down your stairs.

And that was all in the first day!

Now, you’re bored of doing the same routine each time and are struggling to find the motivation to even get up off the sofa.

The answer?

It’s time to get imaginative again. And this time, without stairs!

If you’re lucky enough to own a kettlebell then you probably don’t even need to read this blog (be on your way, you!), but if you don’t then maybe it’s time to start utilizing kettlebell style workouts with… wait for it… a bottle of water!

Yes, you read that correct – a bottle of water!

Think I’m crazy? Think again.

It might not have the handle of a regular kettlebell, but a simple bottle of water can be used in place of a kettlebell to get a real sweat on.

You can perform the swinging and pressing motions with them, just like you would with a kettlebell, helping you get a good dynamic workout in that will burn some serious calories.

Much like using an actual kettlebell, here are some benefits for using a bottle of water in your kettlebell inspired home workouts:

1. You’ll develop power in the hip thrust, the source of power for most athletics. Whether you jump, kick, throw or swing for your sport, the power comes from the hips.

2. You’ll be able to stabilize and strengthen your back. And you can work on strength, flexibility and stability.

3. Your centre of gravity will be offset, so you can work shoulder strength, flexibility, and mobility.

4. Grabbing the water bottle will help strengthen your wrists and forearms.

5. Your new ‘waterbell’ can be used for upper body, lower body and core workouts.

6. These ‘waterbell’ workouts don't take up much space and are extremely versatile.

Ready to start?

All you need is a suitable water bottle (bonus points if you have a couple of different sized bottles to create different weights!).

Start with the standard two-handed kettlebell swing movement, grasping the water bottle with both hands. Then progress into the single-handed kettlebell swing. After this, you can progress into the swing and press movements with your trusted water bottle.

In fact, let's start calling it a 'waterbell.'

You can even try the challenging ‘Turkish Get Up’ movement holding your new ‘waterbell’ above your head instead of a normal kettlebell.

And don’t be afraid to throw in some of those tried and tested press-ups and squats to give your workout even more variety.

Give it a go and see what you think!

Just remember to drink your water out of a separate bottle (unless you want the workout to get easier as you go along).

Good luck Warriors!