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Tribe Media – Advertise with Us

Explore exciting opportunities to reach out to a niche audience of highly mobile, socially active individuals with a 24-hour-lifestyle, by showcasing your brands / products through Tribe Media.

At TribeFit, we offer a range of exciting and interactive media which our existing and growing 2000+ strong membership gets exposed to during their regular visits and daily workouts at the club.

It is a wonderful opportunity in a great environment to showcase, educate and inform about your unique brand, product or service offering within a highly competitive marketplace. It also provides a good Return of Investment (ROI) by raising brand awareness to your direct customer in a professional setting.

Our services include sampling and advertising on our Digi-TV screens! For more information please contact mktgmgr@fortesholdings.com / marketingofficer3@fortesholdings.com

In-club Exclusive Active Sampling

  • Helps the advertiser get the product out to the right target audience
  • Personal interaction and engagement with target audience
  • Includes collateral distribution to members
  • Provides a controlled environment for activation
  • Opportunity for first hand feedback and dipstick studies
  • Tailored options available for each campaign

Advertising In Club Digi TV Screens – service contract for 6 months & 12 months

  • Great value for money with high visibility among direct target audience
  • High brand recall value through repetitive display
  • 11 nos of 32” LCD screens Tribe Marina
  • 1 massive projector screen
  • Each Digi TV ad/large monitor screen will be advertised alternately daily
  • All eye level in prime spots, high traffic areas
  • Roll up Banner or Posters placed at entrance, exit, changing and member lounge

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